LFD is a decentralized and fair donation token issued by charitable organizations. Two simple public welfare mechanisms occur in every transaction: Passive income distribution, LP liquidity fund pool
LuckyFortuneDog (LFD) is a unique charity community project at present.
The LFD Charity Community was initiated by Gianni Liu, a Chinese-American teenager in Italy. It is the first autonomous online charity platform facing the world. The platform takes the promotion of scientific and technological reform of philanthropy as the core and the application of blockchain technology as the innovative development concept. It aims to democratize and popularize philanthropy, thereby creating a simple, transparent and efficient decentralized philanthropy ecosystem. The LFD pass is the main medium for the platform to carry out and fulfill its charitable obligations, and it is a digital currency asset built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSCSCAN). The LFD pass is fully functional and has a transaction reward mechanism that cannot be tampered with. Community participants can log in to the blockchain browser to query the pass transaction record.
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